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Poetry Activities

Adjective word map... remember to use outlines and other methods of organizing for logical/sequential learners

Bundle of fun poetry activities to ease middle & high school students into classic poems, poetry slams, & why poetry matters!

This could be used as a poetry activity using each letter of their name to write a trait about themselves.

Poetry through subtraction

End of the Year Activity *Freebies*

found poetry--GREAT use of all our discarded books for middle/high school English project or activity.

The Very Busy Kindergarten: October Poems for Poetry Box. Have this as the poem of the week and have a corresponding poem in a center for additional activities

Think I will use this next Christmas....A Pinch of Grinch Unit FREE

Literary Lyrics: Teaching Poetry With Songs (Worksheets, Presentation, Activities, and Assignments!

A quick and useful poetry structure guide! Your students will know structures and hints for 6 major types of poetry within seconds!

Poetry Response Prompts -- we have a fledgling poetry group at our library. Always seeking ideas for activities!

For each activity fair participant

I Can't ...YET!:) poetry! Activities to learn about the virtue of perseverance.

The children will have so much fun reading the funny poems for each letter of the alphabet and brainstorming other words that begin with each letter to illustrate their poetry book. This activity will teach students letter recognition, the sound each letter makes, and identifying rhyming words. When the book is completed, bind the pages together. Parents will treasure this keepsake!

Top 3 Hands-On Poetry Activities

Standard 8, Objective 6b: Produce traditional and imaginative stories, narrative and formula poetry as an individual/ shared writing activity.

I actually had a teacher present us with a basket of fruit and tell us to list these facts in poetic form for a poetry assignment once. It was my favorite of the year!

This is the cutest kindergarten journal ever! The examples are awesome!

Great verb video :) - this woman has lots of good ideas for learning activities on this board- poetry, grammar etc,

This huge bundle contains over 290 pages of creative and engaging poetry resources that will save you hours and hours of prep time! It has absolutely everything you need to teach middle/high students how to read, understand, analyze, and write poetry.

Use popular boy band One Direction's songs "One Thing" and "What Makes You Beautiful" to teach and practice figurative language, sound devices, and the meaning of poetry and the speaker's message. Students can also do an extended activity connecting the song to a poem with a similar theme.

FREE download - Poetry Activity Twitter-Style: Writing a Poetweet or Twaiku

print poems. highlight sight words. illustrate. read fluently. workshop center.

Runaway Pumpkin Unit...poetry, fantasy vs. realistic fiction, retelling, reader's response,some fun word work, greater than and less than math activities, a mystery number with greater and less than clues, and a science activity that deals with movement.