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Poetry Activities

The children will have so much fun reading the funny poems for each letter of the alphabet and brainstorming other words that begin with each letter to illustrate their poetry book. This activity will teach students letter recognition, the sound each letter makes, and identifying rhyming words. When the book is completed, bind the pages together. Parents will treasure this keepsake!

Short vowel word family poetry - 10 poems and 10 written activities per poem (total of 50 pages!). Differentiated for a wide range of reading abilities.

Anglo Saxon Poetry: Background, Terms, Handouts, Activities, and Video Clip Start your school year with this unit and do it right! You will not see a video/ song comparison to The Seafarer anywhere else! There are 33 pages of British Literature's Anglo Saxon Poetry materials!

Concrete Poetry - Fun artsy activity for upper elementary or junior high kids.

Use a poem of the week for shared reading and then add it to poetry folders so students can access them during read to self or read to someone. Great follow up activities for word work, writing, and reading comprehension.

FREE Apple Poetry Pack ~ featuring original poetry and 8 interactive poetry activities {designed for K-2nd grades} | This Reading Mama

FREE poetry printable (plant-theme). Cinquain poems. Recommended for 1st grade (but challenging).

A great way to demonstrate fluency for kids is to incorporate songs and poetry into literacy activities. Repetition is important. And time to respond is important.

This activity is called "poetry dice," but doesn't have much to do with poetry. I like the ideas it can spark, tho. Consider writing phrases or words as prompts on the sides of a wooden block. You can make up games using timers and even use this as a tool for a group to create an exquisite corpse. ~ajviola www.education.com....

"I love this activity! My former students have created some beautiful poetry with this style." Saving this for my teaching days!

Fun Activity For Kids - Legos Make Poetry Fun

This activity is a great way to review various language and characteristics of poetry in a fun way. Two levels of scavenger hunts help you work wit...

Fingerprint Poetry Templates for your classroom. Great back to school activity!

Use popular boy band One Direction's songs "One Thing" and "What Makes You Beautiful" to practice poetic terms, figuratve language, and theme/interpretation. (Priced product) Aligned to Common Core. I used this in class yesterday and afterward two girls told me I was the BEST. ENGLISH. TEACHER. EVER. Ms. Miller must have done something right. :)

Connect Walt Whitman's "O Captain! My Captain" to the real world in this compare/contrast activity. Click HERE!

Poetry Basket (Language). I made the sun out of felt, the Earth came from the top of a Toob, and the little baggies is filled with star shaped beads.

FirstGradeGarden It's Fall: Hello, Goodbye Poetry and Leaf Activity

oh i'm getting so excited here... Poetry through subtraction. Great activity to use newspapers/magazines for recycling.

This is the cutest kindergarten journal ever! The examples are awesome! << This is really cute. Maybe add some Girl Scout-related things. Could be good for pre-meeting activities or transitional times.

Mix-and-Match Grammar Dice - makes a learning about independent and dependent clauses a fun game!

April is National Poetry Month, why not have your students take "selfie" shots and write "Selfie Poems!"

Fall Poetry Pack {for Grades K-2nd} ~ Features original poetry with literacy activities | This Reading Mama

Check out this great resource from Scholastic for teaching poetry 10 minutes a day! This would be a great bellringer activity to do. I'm gonna try it... much better than DGP's.

This classroom tested kit comes complete with everything you need to get your students excited and involved in this hands-on adventure! Activities include: -Parts of Speech -Creative Writing -Self Reflection -Poetry -Drawing/Sketching -Direction following -and More!!! Step-by-step assembly directions (with pictures of each step) are included to help you complete the 4.5 in by 4.5 in masterpiece. ($)

Take a book page and circle select words. You can create some beautiful poetry with this style.