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Poetry Activities

Give each child a poetry journal, to explore poems used during Shared Reading. *Activity: After illustrating this poem, this student highlighted the focus sight word "in". Then she discovered "my" and digraph "th" in the text, so she highlighted them, too.

Celebrate Freedom Week Activity Resource Pack from overthemoonbow on (16 pages) - This free theme pack contains resources for Freedom Week, including writing, discussion, poetry vocabulary!

Six Word Memoir - I love the idea of having students write one at the beginning of the school year at the middle school level instead of the same old "get to know you" activities. Could also be a great kick-off to Poetry Workshop...

The children will have so much fun reading the funny poems for each letter of the alphabet and brainstorming other words that begin with each letter to illustrate their poetry book. This activity will teach students letter recognition, the sound each letter makes, and identifying rhyming words. When the book is completed, bind the pages together. Parents will treasure this keepsake!

Fingerprint Poetry Templates for your classroom. Great Open House/Back to School activity!

Blackout Poetry - great FREE activity to introduce poetry!

A poetry center can be used for stations. The pencils indicate the activities/questions students should complete to help them process poems they have read.

Poetry Response Prompts -- we have a fledgling poetry group at our library. Always seeking ideas for activities!

This terrific resource includes 37 pages of poetry writing activities. The vast majority of these are ready-to-use worksheets for 21 different kind...

oh i'm getting so excited here... Poetry through subtraction. Great activity to use newspapers/magazines for recycling.

Poetry Activities

Anglo Saxon Poetry: Background, Terms, Handouts, Activities, and Video Clip Start your school year with this unit and do it right! You will not see a video/ song comparison to The Seafarer anywhere else! There are 33 pages of British Literature's Anglo Saxon Poetry materials!

Super detailed six-day unit that will have students mastering poetry analysis through whole class, small group, partner, and independent activities.

Cute owl poem for my owl classroom..would be great to introduce our poetry writing activities the first week.

Teacher Lesson Plan: The Spider And The Fly - A New Spin To An Old Tale - Halloween provides teachers an opportunity to use fun enrichment activities in their classes about spiders and their webs, using music, poetry, math, and crafts. Website:

Eight amazing hands on activities to celebrate National Poetry Month (or to use any time!) via

Sample It Sunday! "at" word family activities - Fluency/Poetry Binder by Miss DeCarbo

This ing word ending worksheet can be found in: Poetry {Poem of the Week} Activity Pack #7 - These original poems and activities are great for shared reading and work work (daily 5 or centers). There are enough activities for 4 weeks of word work! $

Discover the Poe in Poetry with this dynamic lecture on "The Raven" with close-reading questions and writing activity. Click here to get to know Edgar Allan Poe. (That's internal rhyme, folks!)

Mrs. Orman's Classroom: Hands-On Poetry Activities

This unit on the Midwest and Great Plains region covers the natural resources, products, landmarks, landforms, and history of the U.S. region. It also has visual, kinesthetic, note-taking, writing, poetry, mapping, and dramatic activities. 76 pages, currently $9.99

Enjoy teaching math and literacy skills using the concepts of the autumn season. This unit helps you saturate your classroom in the vocabulary and concepts of fall. The students will learn about fall through poetry, writing, science notebook activities, cooking experiences, math and literacy skills. This jumbo unit has 110 slides.

Poetry {Poem of the Week} Freebie - Poem and activities for shared reading and word work.

Use a poem of the week for shared reading and then add it to poetry folders so students can access them during read to self or read to someone. Great follow up activities for word work, writing, and reading comprehension.

Create Your Own Poe-Esque Poem! In this fun and dynamic activity, students will be able to create a poem that has Poe's classic tone and atmosphere. This resembles a magnetic poetry set with specific words in boxes that the students put down in the order they choose.