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a man is in the water with his hand up to his face and an image of him
Swimming | Faster Free | Stroke analysis on Instagram: "Have a question!? Send it to us! Follow @swimtrisocial for all things freestyle 🏊‍♀️ #swimmingcoach #triathlontraining #triathloncoach #triathlonsforbeginners #ironmantraining #ironmantri #swimbikerun #learntoswim #firsttriathlontraining #halfironman #halfironmantraining #triathlete #triathletes"
a man swimming in the pool with his head above water and text reading do you struggle with breathing while swimming?
Swim Success | Swimming | Triathlon on Instagram: "⛔️ Your breathing technique is crucial for efficient and smooth freestyle. Incorrect breathing can increase stress and heart rate, leading to quicker fatigue than when breathing correctly. 🙄 How to breathe properly? 💨 Inhaling 👉 Avoid taking deep breaths. Picture yourself walking along a street and, rather than breathing in the usual way, you inhale deeply and hold it for 2-3 seconds. This approach is not sustainable as it goes against our natural breathing rhythm. ✅ In swimming, it is more effective to stick to your usual breathing pattern but do so regularly. Breathing every 2 strokes is considered the best approach for a long and efficient freestyle swim. 💨 Exhaling 👉 Some individuals may have a different approach, but many ex
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88K views · 2.7K likes | SwimGym on Instagram: "1,2 or 3? Which one do you think? 🤔 #Swimming #swimgym #swimlife #swimrun #swimbikerun #openwaterswimming #swimmeme #swimmemes #swimcoach #swimtraining"