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a pear shaped birdhouse hanging from a tree
Home - Amish Gourds
How to- make a gourd birdhouse, great tips! Gourd crafts, painted gourds, decorated gourds, gourd bird house, decorative gourds
three wooden bowls sitting on top of a table
Nice site! i have a bunch of gourds, might have to make one of these! Sweet Liberty Homestead gourd seedling planter buckets! Come follow us at Shannon McConnachie as we're making primitives again! We'll be up and running hopefully by Thanksgiving!
several different types of bird houses hanging on a wall
three white vases hanging from strings in a shop
Making Gourd Birdhouses
a person is peeling an apple with a pair of scissors and other items surrounding it
Gourds decorating techniques. Hopefully I will have some gourds this year
a woman using a power tool to polish a potted plant's head with a grinder
What to do with Ornamental Gourds – Page 3
What to do with Ornamental Gourds - Page 3 of 4 - Live Dan330
a person is cleaning a plant in a blue bowl with a yellow sponge on it
How to Craft with Gourds..need to get or make a tutorial for those that have never crafted or are just starting out with gourds..getting pointers
the instructions for carving pumpkins are shown in this page, with pictures showing how to make them
Newsletter 5
Free Gourd Carving Patterns | Excerpt from 'Gourd Pyrography', by Jim Widess
the tools needed to make this diy project include wire, screwdriver and drill
Cleaning Tools - Welburn Gourd Farm
Thank you so much Tiffany Leyva and Travis Parrish. This will make my job so much better! Cordless Gourd Scrubber
a person is using an electric device to remove the peel from a rotten apple that has been placed on top of it
Cleaning Tools - Welburn Gourd Farm
Cordless Gourd Scrubber! Now you can quickly and easily clean your gourds without straining your hands.
a bottle of alcohol and an object on a table next to a blue wall with barbed wire around it
Gourd Sculpture Part 2
Marlene Brady: Gourd Sculpture Part 2
a pumpkin shaped like a jack - o - lantern sitting on top of a wooden box
Carved Birdhouse Gourd: Another idea of what to do with all these once they mature. Some for birdhouses, and some for decorations. How CUTE is THAT?! Not to mention the fact that you can save them forEVER!