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an elephant and its baby are standing in the water near some rocks that have been carved into them
viergacht: “ thefabulousweirdtrotters: “ Homo Algus, Marais de Séné, Bretagne, France Land art by Sophie Prestigiacomo ” COOL ”
two wooden statues of monks in front of a house with ivy covered walls and windows
Image result for chainsaw carving
Image result for chainsaw carving - #carving #Chainsaw #Image #result
two pictures side by side one with a statue and the other with a fake human figure
outdoors.arkadasariyorumtv.com — Coming Soon
▷ 1001 + Ideen zum Ausleihen von Halloween-Deko #ausleihen #halloween #ideen,
two jars filled with red liquid sitting on top of a black table next to each other
Nope Nope Nope Nope. My gods those eyes are amazing. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CB9TS6K/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00CB9TS6K&linkCode=as2&tag=egpf-20&linkId=NKXNX47IWSDADZUQ
a stone gate with an arch that says cemetery
halloween graveyard ideas
Hot Wire Foam Factory - Large Graveyard
an old photo of many different people in black and white portraits, all with faces painted on them
Zombies from History
Auch interessant:Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!Zombies: A Living HistoryThe History of HackingHistory of Art: The Dog of..Zombies and Jesus are not that differentZombie Love – Trailer
there are four different pictures of books with skeleton images on them, and one has a book in the shape of a bat
Merry Halloween! - Better After
Turning phone books into spell books and it doesn't cost you a trip to Diagon Alley, either
a bowl full of toothpicks and a sign that says free shots on it
You need to try these 50 Halloween DIY decorations
Für hungrige Vampire. Spritzen mit Saft. Wir schlagen Blutorange vor :) #halloween #drinks #inspiration
gruselige Maniküre zu Halloween von Sandra Holmbom Fantasy Make Up, Zombie Make Up, Halloween Costumes, Make Up, Halloween Make Up, Zombie Makeup, Halloween Makeup, Halloween Cosplay
60+ Halloween Make-up Ideen - Gesicht und Hände schminken
gruselige Maniküre zu Halloween von Sandra Holmbom
Make These Floating Candles For You Halloween Soirée
Floating Halloween Candles
the instructions for how to make a glowing hand
Verzierst du dein Haus an Halloween? Schau dir hier 11 gruselige und einfach herzustellende Halloween-Dekorationen an!
Verzierst du dein Haus an Halloween? Schau dir hier 11 gruselige und einfach herzustellende Halloween-Dekorationen an! - DIY Bastelideen
a close up of a clay sculpture on a table
Second try at a wall breaker, Definitely use cheese cloth with the monster mud-it shows the details better. Used foam skull from Walmart (cut the jaw off to make it open), yard sale plastic rib cage, hands from Spirit Halloween, left over plastic bones. Haunted hallway, Soneda's Haunted Garage 2015.
a man dressed as a creature standing in a room with tools and other items on the floor
spandex foam muscle suit
foam muscle suit tutorial - Google Search
an image of a fence that is being used as a postcard for someone's facebook page
How To: Faux Wrought Iron Fence
Tutorial: Wrought Iron Cemetery Fence {stolloween.com} AWESOME AND EASY Using PVC, wood, foam board, hot glue, screws