DIY Beautiful Ribbon Rose

This is what I wantvinstead of real flowers that way I can keep them forever DIY Beautiful Ribbon Rose

Ribbon Embroidery

Stylised ribbon roses by Nigar Hikmet. The centres are much longer coils than seen on most other ribbonwork roses


I ❤ ribbonwork . Ribbon Rosebuds Tutorial- This easy technique can be used to make a bud for any flower. These rosebuds can be made with or without the fine wire remaining in the selvedge of the French wired ribbon. This sample was made with the wir


Ribbonwork rosebuds by Nigar Hikmet. These have to be the most adorable little ribbonwork roses I've ever seen! The stamens add so much to the finished look too - flawless


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ribbon rose tutorial

Ribbon rose spray - site written in Russian but the pictures show you step by step. A number of different arrangements for the flower are also shown.