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a white two car garage with windows and shingles
Outdoor Window Inspiration Style
a white house with blue shutters and ivy growing up the side of it's roof
16 Timeless House Designs with Shutters
a two car garage with an attached porch and windows on the top floor is shown
2-Car Garage Cost and Pricing Info | Custom Garage Builder
two garages are shown in front of each other
a house with a red door and stairs leading up to it
a large house with lots of windows and plants
Real-Life Garage Loft Apartment
a white house with an orange brick patio
Architecture 101; Designing a Beautiful Breezeway - Dig This Design
a white house with green shutters on the front and side doors, surrounded by trees
Homes | Residences & Retreats | Georgia Classical
a white house with two garage doors and windows
Inviting modern farmhouse cottage for family living in South Carolina
a large white house with two garages on the front and one story above it
Carriage Door Gallery
Carriage Garage Doors Gallery
a white house with green doors and windows
Carriage Door Gallery
a white house with two garages on the side
Carriage Barn Series
a house with two garages and a steeple on top