Knitted Lace Pattern. (Chart No 18) Multiple of 16 sts, + 2. All even rows: K2, * p6, k2; rep from * to end.

A collection of beautiful knitting stitches featuring lace and eyelets for knitters of all levels, including written instructions and chart patterrn.

My Husband Is a Yarn Widower: Shawl Collar Pullover

I& always loved big collars. Maybe it& the dramatic effect. I like something unusual framing the face. Pattern: Shawl Collar P.

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Frozen - Olaf (Chart/Graph AND Row-by-Row Written Crochet Instructions) - 07

Frozen – Olaf (Chart/Graph AND Row-by-Row Written Crochet Instructions) – 07

узоры спицами

узоры спицами

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Как связать головку рукава сверху? Текстовое описание можно найти здесь:

Machine-knitted Set-in sleeves, upside-down Головка рукава сверху