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Moda, Istanbul, Turkey  ·  King of Mars
Görkem Nurata
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My Horde Longsleeve by aernath on DeviantArt

My Horde longsleeve design, with the help of the local online printing shop Tish-O. It's the Horde logo in front and behind our warmongering Ally hating. My Horde Longsleeve

red devil by aernath on DeviantArt

i've drawn this as a tattoo design for my friend. inspired by mercyful fate album art of "dont break the oath": [link] and madness of joker from the kil.

raven by aernath on DeviantArt

30 mins work from a photo. tryin to warmup again.

Hellscream by aernath on DeviantArt

My Warcraft Fan Art project featuring Garrosh Hellscream. He was really a good anti-hero all the way and I was always a fan of his hot temper and absolu.

question mark by aernath on DeviantArt

there's an eventual question mark formed with the game of light at the doggie's tail. and also its look is like it's asking "hm?" in that cute naive f.