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Elizabeth Harrison on Twitter

“Some sci-fi AU sketches and concepts. #BATIM #bendy_and_the_ink_machine”

deeppink-man:“New meme, guys! strange feeling meme!so many ideas, you guys gave me a many ideas. But I was already making this meme, and I finally finished it. If I had more time, I would try to reflect other ideas. Use free and take it!”


A soft irritation came to him sigh as he reached down and pulled up some milk and different syrups for him to use and sugar. "Enjoy our many choices of milk"

somewhere over the rainbow I love the expressions when people fall in love.. #memes #jokes #funny #humor

somewhere over the rainbow — I love the expressions when people fall in love….. #memes #jokes #funny #humor – Memes

somewhere over the rainbow I love the expressions when people fall in love.. #memes #jokes #funny #humor

MangaMaterials@TESCO on Twitter: "Expression change by [just showing with] the eyes… "

Manga Materials on Twitter

“Expression change by [just showing with] the eyes”

somewhere over the rainbow

somewhere over the rainbow

where/how can we ask for commissions ? When I finish the Korean commission I am doing

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Hannah Ferrin Cainhurst.

Thronecraft - Medieval Fantasy Minecraft Roleplay Server.

I put that in the wrong spot .-.

How to Draw, Shade Realistic Eyes, Nose and Lips with Graphite Pencils - Drawing On Demand

Some people say that you can’t really learn to draw. You are either born with the talent to do so, or you aren’t. I’m not quite so sure this is true, but there is something to be said for natural talent. My brother was born with this gift whereas I was not. I don’t think...

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Photo 1 from Уроки рисования |'s album Community wall photos from 28 March 2017.


Learn To Draw Eyes - Drawing On Demand

Just like with all other features of a human face, it’s important that you don’t draw preconceived ideas that you may have regarding eyes. Since eyes are said to be the windows to the soul of a person, it reflects a lot regarding the personality and emotionality of the subject. Thus, it’s very important that...

A Different World (Modern! Reader X Black Butler! Various!) - Chapter 16: Bloody Memories (part 1)

You're an otaku from the year 2016. While rewatching your favorite anime (black butler) you get sucked into your computer screen where you wake up at a familiar looking manor. What happens when you meet the people you have so many fantasy's about? And what do you do when they all start falling for you!? •bad language •spoilers •maybe lemons I do not own any of these characters (other than my oc's) or pictures (other than the ones I create)

MJ erickson

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