"I once had a thousand desires, but in my one desire to know You, all else melted away." ~ Rumi

You drew me so close to you, until I thought you are me.'' (Mustafa al-Hallaj Sufi poet century) Mansur al Hallaj was a Persian mystic, revolutionary writer and teacher of Sufism

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Şems-Tebrizi-kalenderi At the beginning of the Sema, by holding his arms crosswise, the semazen appears to represent the number one, thus testifying to God's unity.


✿ ❤ “You soak up my soul and mingle me. Each drop of my blood cries out to the earth. We are partners, blended as one.

The act of trying to find the way home is what convinces us we are lost. We’re not lost, we’re not alone, and we’ve never even left home."  - Rumi Şems & Mevlana

Sufis kiss the hand of their master/sheikh sufis. Imam Mohamed Abdo, an anti-sufi/salafi, hated that hand-kissing custom.