Fold up table and chairs

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Ideal table for small spaces! Joe Warren's QMB, or Quad Micro Bar, a way to seat four in a temporary setting. Washington-based industrial designer Warren set out to design a piece of furniture whose footprint was shrinkable.

loft and glass

Living Room From Buenos Aires with a big open space, fireplace, huge windows, AND a loft library. this is the dream!


Love this natural and simple interior. The white fur and burlap/natural linen cushion on the seating bench and that beautiful wood hewn table sealed in a glossy finish. Another attic idea

lace tree

Thanks to Berg for the tip to this fabulous new knit bomb interpretation! See so many doilies at thrift stores. Maybe I should do my tree in the back yard for the garden tour. That would shake a few people up.

Forest Canopy Lofts - The Ultimate Tree House Designed by Robert Harvey Oshatz (GALLERY)

Forest Canopy Lofts

Fantasy forest tree house…A life size fairy tale that is part of the theme park ‘The Enchanted Forest’ in British columbia. I want to go that theme park, it sounds magnificent.

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