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Stepping Stones: Smooth-Polished Concrete Spiral Staircase "Rolling stones in riverbeds become rounded and smooth over time, softened yet hard. The same natural tension is captured in this staircase design.

This is the plan for our staircase!  Should be simple, right?  Just rip out the old one, fix the walls, add some stone, add lighting, find the perfect staircase stringers and reclaimed lumber, etc......  Yeah.  Easy.  :-/

Take the Chill off Modern Architecture

2005 Cambridge Project House: The show-stopping staircase, floating before a stacked stone wall that echoes the exterior chimney and foundation, has stair treads and railings made of reclaimed teak from pole buildings in Southeast Asia

Budget, low cost space saver staircase. Any height and any width made in either pine, mdf, oak or other. The standard kit is 600mm wide with height up to 2400mm.  HEIGHT 240cm  WIDTH 60cm  STRINGS PINE  TREADS MDF  RISERS MDF

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Stair rail idea, Mozhaisk Apartment by Alexandra Fedorova, Maybe not for your place, but fun.