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BLISTERS! 2014 - Peter Strain Illustration
guitar tattoo on the ankle.. I like this minus the words on it. For more guitar related stuff check out http:/www.edinburghguitarandmusicfestival.co.uk/gmfstore
Sunday gent
Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, Tokyo, Japan 2008. Tange Associates. This building is the home to three educational institutions, the designer said the cocoon shape symbolizes the nurturing nature of the building. The chaotic, crisscross structure on the outer portion of the building contrasts nicely with the vertical and horizontal lines on the middle part of the structure.
Guide to Sunglasses
I like the jacket and vest for myself, but could see this with dressy black or pinstripe pants and moderate heels.  Not crazy about the belt or tie.  Open collar white shirt or  grey or teal t-shirt would look good.
A man in a tux to girls is like a woman in lingerie to men