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How to Get Rose Gold Hair With oVertone

Ah, Rose Gold hair. The perfect blend of pink and red mixed into golden blonde that adds a touch of color to your hair without being too dramatic. To achieve R

Whether you're looking for a whole new look or just a small change, get a head start with these awesome tried and tested ideas.

The 10 Biggest Hair Color Trends for 2016

Medium length hairstyle 2016 has brought different hairstyles. The hairstyles are cool that will motivate you to try the hairstyle

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I'm a massive fan of pastel hair colours, however i find that I prefer the more subtle blue tones compared to the pinks. I'm constantly wanting to change my hair colour, and haven't quite dared to go pastel, if only it was easy to maintain and I wouldn't have to go through the whole bleaching process, I would 100% dye my hair this colour!:

The 10 Most Useful Things You Can Do With Epsom Salt

Relaxing in a hammock by the beach. Gorgeous beach hair - long waves with sun-kissed blonde highlights

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Que cabelo cinza lindo!* NEW VIDEO UP! ⚡️Link in bio - showing you guys how I do my ponytail w/ extensions in. Using and silver extensions

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Grey ombre hair ideas to rock this year. Grey ombre hair is one of the most influential recent color trends. Stylists state unanimously that it is an awesome way to sport silvery shades.

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Do it-your-selfers may utilize clipon or tape-on extensions to obtain a look and feel that’s momentary with pink hair

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