The Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Old Town Istanbul is better known by its nickname, the Blue Mosque, given for the thousands of azure tiles that cover its interior. The famed structure, with cascading domes and six minarets, was built beginning in 1609 by the 19-year-old Ottoman Sultan Ahmet I. He died just one year after its completion in 1616.

(Sultan Ahmet Camii) This is the Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Istanbul. It is also known as the Blue Mosque because of its blue tiles. It was built in 1609 by the Ottoman Sultan Ahmet I as the Islamic response to Hagia Sofia.

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Constantinople-the capital of the eastern Roman empire; capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, now called Istanbul.

Balcony Istanbul.

Turkish traditional houses - Twin homes Heybeliada (Halki) ,Istanbul

Sirkeci Station: Istanbul, TURKEY

Sirkeci Station, Istanbul, Turkey A railway station so tastefully done. Sirkeci Station in Istanbul.