Ömer Faruk K

Ömer Faruk K

Ömer Faruk K
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Tower of Babel

artwork: Lucas van Valckenborch - "The Tower of Babel", 1595 - Oil on panel - x cm. - Collection of the Mittelrhein Museum, Koblenz. - On view in "Architectural Paintings: From the Renaissance to the Century"

Smithsonite-Azurite, "Bird's Nest" / Touissit Mine, Morocco

Smithsonite-Azurite, "Bird's Nest" Touissit Mine, Morocco Jeff Starr Collection : Smithsonites : Mineral Photographer - Professional Gemstone and Specimen Photography by Joe Budd.

dioptase on chrysocolla

Dioptase on Chrysocolla: my personal favorite of all the stone as it invokes goddess energy, wards off negative energy, and promotes meditation and communication by aligning one with the divine.