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Clever way to have students self-assess their understanding as they exit the classroom.

Exit Slip, Exit Ticket, Ticket out the Door

No matter what you call it, the exit slip is a super, quick, little assessment. I had to come up with a plan for how to administer and check the exit slips in my science classes. So, I designed a bulletin board to house the materials. I'm actually not finished. It seems that everything I do needs some revision. I always come up with a new idea and have to change things. OK...I don't have to change things, but my compulsive personality makes me do it! Currently, I pass out the slips and the…

Love this re-useable board for groups. To change groups, simply erase! Tasks can be assigned to group numbers on huddle board

Guided Math Photos

Here is a place to find photos taken of Guided Math in progress. Teacher works in small group as the students learn about 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication. Teacher made a game where students roll 4 dice. Kids are in 2 teams. The teams need to figure out the highest and lowest product. YES, they are writing on the tables with dry erase markers. Dry erase board is there too. Teacher models then allows students to practice with each other. She redirects if students are doing it wrong. Students…

large Fome-Cor boards to manage user research information and brainstorm ideas. Here are some Ikea Benjamin stools we've hacked to keep the boards upright. They can still be used as stools when needed and are also great for creating temporary walls for project spaces.

Insights from Daylight : UX and Product Design

Daylight is a human-centered design company. We are inspired by people and design for impact.

I have a clip board wall, of nine boards, in my workroom- and it has been the single most organizing and visually pleasing thing I have done for myself. I can easily see and group projects I am working on, and when I need inspiration, I can kick back and gaze for a bit.

work spaces

Creating Visual Schedules for Children

Individualized First Then Visual Schedules

Developing a First Then Visual Schedule for Early Childhood Special Needs Students

This website is a great for getting ideas on setting up a classroom using visual supports.

Classroom Rules

At the beginning of the year, most teachers discuss and brainstorm a list of classroom rules and compile them into a set of 4-6 rules to display in the classroom. There are some important points to keep in mind as you and your class work through this beginning of the year ritual.

Visual management gone wrong

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visual management - track progress, organize groups, use for lessons/units, individualized/differentiated topics...

Visual Management Blog · Visual Management for Agile Teams

Introducing the Visual Management Blog, a space for the discussion of ideas and examples of Visual Management applied to Agile teams and project manag

Visual Project Management | Mark Woeppel on Management and Execution