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The Best Chocolate Cake
I've made this probably 100 times. Mama gave me this recipe about 5 years ago and it's always my "GO-TO" dessert. Never met anyone who didn't like it! Chocolate Delight.
I know this says Easter, but I rather like the idea for a tiered spring or summer wedding cake, too! Easter Polka Dot Cake |
Chocolate Cake
Quite possibly the best chocolate cake...ever!
Shirt Cake great as an grooms cake, fathers day or just as an men cake
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how to bake a number inside a's actually ANOTHER cake cut with cookie cutters!
shirt cake
A colorful rainbow robot with a confetti cupcake.  This is too freaking cute!

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Stressed about spelling?
Wedding cakers know, matching swatches is Dusk, latte and champagne right?! #cakestyle #cakerproblems
If you’ve been caking for a while, you’ll know that customers request some crazy things. Like “Can I order 24 cupcakes, but in six different flavours?”. “I need a cake…
Yes! #cakerproblems #cakestyle
Thinking of all the cakers in our area, that are flooded in, without power for a second day. April is a very busy wedding month, so there are a lot of cakes that need to be baked.
The struggle to have nice clothes as a caker is real lol.. #cakerproblems #cakestyle
This was my yesterday.. ‪#‎cakerproblems‬
The most requested cake, is a buttercream cake to leave outside in the sun. Surely logic tells you butter and sunshine don't mix, right? ‪#‎cakerproblem‬
I am hopeless at school Mum duties.. ‪#‎cakerproblems‬
This was me last week. Got most of it off with shampoo, but it sure makes filming my hands hard!