Needle Lace Skeleton Leaves

Needle Lace Skeleton Leaves

Make Lacy Skeleton Leaves - they look similar to paper skeletal leaves but are much more durable because they are made with embroidery floss!

mona's Site - Romanian point lace - Photo #86 of 158

İğne oyası aka some oya stitches: link doesn't work anymore.ever notice that you get lots of examples of beautiful oya work from Turkey but rarely any instruction pages?

15th century needle lace tutorial

How-to: Century needle lace (could also use on St. Birgitta cap) Lace- stitch-variations as they are encountered individually or combined as decoration on the garments from Lengberg.

İğne Oyası Süpürge Modeli Yapılışı - YouTube

▶ Modelo de Aspirador de Bordado - / ▶ Süpürge Modeli iğne Oyası - / ▶ Cleaner Model of Needlework -

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