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What an awesome bathroom for my imaginary boat house
Industrial Home Design - Endüstriyel ev tasarımları
At first glance, you might mistake this wall of books to be a built-in bookshelf, but it is in fact highly economical off-the-shelf hanging shelves. The effect is surprisingly chic. Source
Thailand Darkwood Handmade Elegant Curves Walking Stick Snake Head | eBay
Desert Ironwood Snake - IronwoodSculptures (from the Mark Dwyer Collection)
Hand-Carved Scorched Beechwood Derby Cane w/Silver Collar. This hand-carved beechwood cane has been scorched to bring it to the perfect tone of light, golden brown. With distinctive carvings, meticulously set by hand for the perfect combination of cross-hatchings, diamond patterns and even a few simple curves that follow the line of the comfortable derby-style handle. A simple, silver colored collar joins the handle to the shaft. 69.95
Custom Walking Cane: Oak Shaft, Carved Oak Leaves Twisting, Elk Antler Handle, Scrimshaw Monogram
Handcarved Folk-Art Walnut Smiling Wood Spirit Walking Cane with Elk Antler Handle & Scrimshaw Art