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The city of Myra in Turkey is known for the Lycian tombs (yes, what you see on the picture, are tombs).

Turkey: If you only have time to see one striking honeycomb of Lycian rock tombs, then choose the memorable ruins of ancient Myra.

Mersin, Turkey - Castle by the sea, Castle in the Sea....used to swim out to Castle in the Sea as a teenager...good memories!

Kız Kalesi-Mersin, Türkiye - Castle by the Sea : Myself and Tim Kimsey swam out to the castle during a TDY in What a swim!

Snake Castle near Adana, Turkey. Explored this castle with a great group of friends.

Yılankale, Yilan, Ilan-kale, or Castle of the Snakes is a large medieval crusader castle located east of Adana in modern Turkey, built on a rocky hill overlooking the east bank of the Ceyhan river.

Yilankale, Adana, Turkey

Snake Castle aka “Yilankale” Difficulty Getting There - EASY Physical Difficulty - MEDIUM Moderately steep inclines and loose rock.

Adana Turkey

my hometown surrounded by tourus mountains and mediterranean sea

OLD ADANA - Seyhan, Adana Turkey Wonderful shopping & looking in this area.

"OLD ADANA - Seyhan, Adana Turkey" . "Love the lighting and contrast between the environment and the subjects"