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Taşkın KILIÇ
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Citroën DS 21 Présidentielle

Citroën DS 21 Présidentielle - a noticeable lack of the tackiest material now commonplace in car interiors: plastic.

Mercedes Benz Classic Car Collection Of 1961-1970 https://www.mobmasker.com/mercedes-benz-classic-car-collection/

Mercedes-Benz Classic Preserving our past for pleasure today For some, it means holding on to their devotion to the first Mercedes-Benz forever, years and miles of rolling in.

于非闇 -《荷花》                                此幅以深浅赭绿表现荷叶的向背,用笔挥洒自如,叶筋勾得疏密得当,以墨双勾荷花,淡设水色,以赭墨画水草,用笔虚实相间,意气相连。画家并不是单纯的摹写物象,而是在其中寄予无限的情思。

于非闇 -《荷花》 此幅以深浅赭绿表现荷叶的向背,用笔挥洒自如,叶筋勾得疏密得当,以墨双勾荷花,淡设水色,以赭墨画水草,用笔虚实相间,意气相连。画家并不是单纯的摹写物象,而是在其中寄予无限的情思。