Hand painted rock stone YIN  YANG  feng shui by StudioCreARTiv, €14.90

Hand painted rock stone YIN - YANG - feng shui beach stone / gift / Art / Painting / Acrylic Carefully collected rocks from the Mediterranean

Ghostly 9 by Matt Shlian #paper_art #perspective

Matt Shlian& paper art is something that we would love to see rendered in plaster!

RETIRADO DA NET | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

Kids wall art - nursery art prints - baby nursery decor - nursery art - Birds Tree Pink - Tree Of Love print from Paris by GalerieAnais on Etsy,

Mathilde Roussel ~ Ecorce 10, 2013 (cut paper)

Noted, AVL: so much dexterity and instinctive feel [Mathilde Roussel ~ Ecorce 2013 (cut paper)]

Neşe'nin gözdeleri

Neşe'nin gözdeleri

Öyle yoruldum ki, yoruldum dünyayı tanımaktan..!!

Öyle yoruldum ki, yoruldum dünyayı tanımaktan..!!

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By day, Lucas Levitan works as a creative director for an advertising company . but, by night, he makes hilarious drawings that give a dimension of much needed hilarity to otherwise boring photographs.

An Artist Hijacks Other Peoples' Photos In A Hilarious Way