My wish to see the holy land and God home and do Hajj and go to Masjid al Haram Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Mecca - the Mosque of Masjid al Haram (Arabic: المسجد الحرام‎ ) Makkah (Mecca) Saudi Arabia oldest location of mosque in the world). According to tradition, Ibrahim and Ishmael began work on the first Kaaba's construction circa 2130 BCE.


The Ka'aba, the cube structure in Makkah that is the center of the Muslim world.

Mecca.  ♥ this photo!

Ya Allah plz give me a chance to c ur beautiful house which no one can built it as thz same.

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Early picture of the Haram

Inspirations from Mecca and the Hajj Pilgrimage — by Dustin Craun - Ummah Wide — Medium