Kaputaş Beach in Kaş, Antalya, Türkiye, Turkey

✯ Kaputas Beach in Kas, Turkey :: Photograph by Ismail Arzu Acikel ✯ I sailed from Marmais to Fethiye LOVED IT LBx

Patara Beach, Turkey. We're not beachy people but Patara is certainly an impressive sight.

Information about Patara beach in Turkey and ruins of ancient city of Patara Turkey

Simena-Kekova Turkey

Find out more about Kekova island and ruins of Kekova Sunken City in Turkey.

uzungöl.. Trabzon

lNorth of Iran, Mountain Skirts and an exquisite traditional tea in a summer afternoon. Everyone's welcomed with Iranian hospitality - M

30 awesome Turkish expressions to know before you go

30 awesome Turkish expressions to know before you go

"You're the corner of my liver" (Ciğerimin köşesi). Nope, we're not being weird. This very anatomic description is actually used to describe someone very precious to you in Turkish!

Bozburun, Turkey

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