Елизавета Петрова

Елизавета Петрова

Елизавета Петрова
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NGC 6188 is an emission nebula located about 4,000 light years away in the constellation Ara. via ★ @Katie Smith Official © © ★

NGC 6188 is an emission nebula located about light years away in the constellation Ara. via Katie Smith Official ©

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Trying to fill in someone else's shoes is futile. The person will at best be a shadow of the one who shoes they are trying to fill. It is best to have new shoes (their own) rather than live in the shadow of another

A team of physicists has provided some of the clearest evidence yet that our Universe could be just one big projection.

Black Holes May Explode Into 'White Holes' And Pour All Their Matter Into Space, Physicists Say. Black holes might end their lives by transforming into their exact opposite — 'white holes' that explosively pour all the material they ever swallowed into sp

Cada lágrima derramada por cada muerte en el mar emprende un viaje sin fin, pasando por ríos, riachuelos, vientos y nubes, para volver a caer al mar de donde salió y allí las otras ballenas y seres del mar que perdieron a ese compañero, hermano o hijo, siente la esperanza, pues esa gota salió del corazón de un humano y retorno a ellas con ese mensaje, "cada vez que un ser del mar muere, morimos todos un poco , pues muere la inocencia, el juego y la magia de la Tierra."  Art Paula Bonet

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