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Yes' all the freaking yes!

11 from the story A Court of Pain and Feels by Aelin_Galathynius_ (Aelin of the Wildfire) with reads.

this is the cutest thing gtgtg

Papa Rhys and his little bat by cccrystalclear. Rhysand x Feyre. Sarah J. Maas - This is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

The Night Court Squad by @PoJainter on Twitter

pojainter: “Line-art done!) I mean, I have serious squad envy right now LOOK HOW COOL THEY ARE. Sarah is insanely talented at designing characters! I wanted to do an illustration of these characters that wasn’t about their sexual.

Grã Senhores da Corte dos Sonhos

meabhd: “charliebowater: “MY BABIES ARE DONE. *dies* Rhys & Feyre, looking all High Lord & Ladylike. This was soooo much fun to work on and I’ve already ranted and raved about how much I love these two… and everyone else in ACOMAF… and Sarah….