Intimacy between real human beings in the digital age is a growing concern amongst those in media saturated societies. For example, some media users become so involved in a virtual realm that they become lose track completely of the physical world.

Cactus with flowers

I know this is art, yet I like the pink pot! I never thought of using that color. likeafieldmouse: Bernd Westphal - Still Life obsessed.

The Illusions Issue, Little Burgundy Magazine by Greg Barth, via Behance

I was invited by Aldo's Little Burgundy magazine to create a series of visuals and front cover for thier Illusions issue.All effects are in-camera.

struss: Photo

Rosemarie Trockel's Ceramic Room centre, with Replace Me and, right, Made in China Photograph: Benoit Pailley

We're an art direction and graphic design studio based in Barcelona with a focus on branding and user experience.

Marble mounted phone

Marble Tile in San Diego.We carry variety 100 Marble Tile brand.Free Marble Tile Consultation and design.

Jotta - Article

Joshua Citarella Form Assumes the Container LCD Panels, Acrylic, Anodized Aluminum.