Mükemmel Meriç Yılmaz

Mükemmel Meriç Yılmaz

Turkey / Marvel & DC Comics
Mükemmel Meriç Yılmaz
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Scarlet Spiderman

Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT — Ben's back in his classic threads! We hope it'll make a difference, because the Scarlet Spider's at odds with a deeply connected crime lord and her impervious consigliere.

Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Give your own hero Danny Haas Super Hero prints. Artist, Danny Haas, designs vintage style art prints inspired by comics and science fiction. If your Dad is not one to collect Art Prints he might e…


Dust was a student at the Xavier Institute and one of the New X-Men in training. She is identified by her Niqab, which she wears instead of the traditional X-Men uniform. She is currently enrolled at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.