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Soy agnostico, no tengo religion ni dioses, pero se decidir entre el bien y el mal, soy humano, para muchos el no creer en un dios me convierte en un malvado.

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History behind the western depiction of Jesus----and this is one of the (many) problems I have with religion, the lies taken as facts, and the facts they ignore The Borgias, History Facts, My Father, Good To Know, In This World, Worship, Christianity, Fun Facts, Crazy Facts

Ah... this just reminds me of how much I miss The Borgias!! :( | Holes in the Foam

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I used to be Amish storytime Religion everywhere is problematic. A friend of mine lives in Amish country and says it is also common for the Amish to beat their animals. I guess girls are just an extension of the livestock to some of them. Anti Religion, Losing My Religion, Youre My Person, My Pool, Amish Country, Patriarchy, Faith In Humanity, Social Issues, Story Time

I used to be Amish storytime

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[Atheism Religion God is Imaginary Heaven Sarah Palin.I mean what if they accidentally flew too high and got stuck up there?And everyone knows that once you go to heaven you can't come back. Haha, Sarah Palin, Religious People, Stupid People, Everyone Knows, Along The Way, That Way, Dumb And Dumber, I Laughed

Esta es lo que hace la educacion religiosa en la mente de los idiotas

Iceland has no army. Jailed their corrupt bankers. Violent crime is rare. One of the lowest crime rates in the world. Where is all that evil and depravity the religious talk about? Atheist Quotes, Atheist Agnostic, Atheist Humor, Witty Quotes, Funny Quotes, Losing My Religion, Crime Rate, Religious People, Les Religions

Donde la mayoria no tiene religion, la sociedad es menos corrupta y la moral prevalece. Adonde esta la maldad que dice la biblia que habria si no hay adoracion a los falsos dioses que pregonan?

This is the God of your bible. Don't believe it? Read the book you claim to believe in so much. Atheist Agnostic, Atheist Humor, Agnostic Quotes, Atheist Religion, Religion Humor, Losing My Religion, Athiest, Free Thinker, Photoshop

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Please do a little background research and you too will see the LIGHT. Christianity is not a religion, it is simply disguised as such. It is a political organisation that commits atrocities in the name of their make-believe penile god. Council Of Nicea, Anti Religion, Bible Truth, History Facts, World History, Jesus Christ, Savior, Christianity, Knowledge

Todo decidido en el Concilio de Nicea....y los idiotas no investigan ni saben esto

Children starve to death every day.but keep saying magic words over your food and thanking a God for personally feeding "you". Atheist Humor, Atheist Quotes, Religion Quotes, Religious People, Les Religions, Free Thinker, Magic Words, Christianity, Politics

Dios escoge a quienes bendice con su comida, muchos que no merecen ni siquiera vivir....pero asi es la vida, dios opera en formas misteriosas (que importa que mueran 26 mil niños de hambre al dia....asi es dios de misericordioso)