Mustafa Hasan

Mustafa Hasan

35 İzmir 4 Everrrr / Şımarıkk 😏😎
Mustafa Hasan
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The U-Boat Titanium Blackout can withstand 1001 meters below the water's surface. $7,600

U-Boat Classico 55 1001 Meter Orange. This is one bad watch. I mean "bad" as in "stoopid!" Meaning "stoopid" as in " Da Bomb," or "Dope" or "Fresh" or "tight" or "so money," or what-the-hell-ever. It's a nice damn watch.

#Fashion #Men

There is 0 tip to buy this coat: elegant classy jacket grey blazer blazer menswear smart casual smart casual style styl? brown shoes boots on point ootd happy tie. Help by posting a tip if you know where to get one of these clothes.

Diesel Bane Watch For The Dark Knight Rises

diesel limited edition watch, Diesel BATMAN DARK KNIGHT RISES Limited Edition Even really bad guys can get their own watch. Yes, this is the official limited edition “Bane” Super Bad Ass Diesel.