Persian Embroidery, Needlepoint Patterns and Tutorials

Persian Embroidery, needlepoint, patterns, and tutorials.
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stunning Suzani UZBEK Ottoman Silk Handmade Embroidery Suzani

- stitchery-UZBEK Ottoman Silk Handmade Embroidery Suzani - Closely imitated Turkish motifs, in applique rather than weaving or woodblock.

Blouse, Evening Elsa Schiaparelli (Italian, 1890–1973) Date: summer 1940

Evening blouse Designer: Elsa Schiaparelli (Italian, Date: summer 1940 Culture: French Medium: silk, metal Dimensions: Length at CB: 26 in. cm) from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York The beads could be French knots

embroidering a suzani, Uzbekistan

embroideress of suzani textile, silk embroidery with natural dyes, uzbek tribal art, Uzbekistan Antique Persian Embroidery

Tiny Persian vase with striped blooms. Persian embroidery is one of the many forms of the multi-faceted Persian arts. The motifs.