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The Veiled Virgin is a Carrara marble statue carved in Rome by Italian sculptor Giovanni Strazza, depicting the bust of a veiled Blessed Virgin Mary. The exact date of the statue's completion is unknown.

The statue from Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice...The Veiled Vestal Virgin. Stunning.

Veiled Vestal by Raffaelle Monti marble, in Chatsworth House collection (England) -- it was seen in the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice (by Elizabeth Bennet (aka Keira Knightly).



Scribble Junkies: Classic Tuesday Inspiration: Raffaele Monti and Giovanni Strazza..

Scribble Junkies: Classic Tuesday Inspiration: Raffaele Monti and Giovanni Strazza.

The Veiled Virgin Giovanni Strazzi

The Veiled Virgin Giovanni Strazzi

Mermer perdenin sırrı: "Örtülü Vestal", (19. yüzyıl) Raffaele Monti

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Veiled Vestal Virgin was carved out of marble by Raffaelle Monti in This Hellenistic inspired bust may look familiar if youre into movies of the century brooding hunks with sideburns category. It was featured alongside Keira Knightley in Pride Prejudice.

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The Veiled Virgin - Presentation Convent, St. John's, Newfoundland Photography by Stone Island Photography

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Si ya de por si la escultura en mármol es uno de los artes más complicados que existen, el esculpir un velo en mármol es casi mágico.

The sculpture depicts a veil covered the priestess of Vesta - Vestal. Vesta - the Roman goddess-keeper of the sacred fire, symbolizing the center of life - the state, city, home. It was believed that.

Virgem velada - Giovanni Strazza

Virgem velada - Giovanni Strazza