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mingsonjia: “ 【化鹤归】 寒露惊蛰 晨雾天河 。若别千里 山河遮望眼 暮醉沧海昼起桑田。 蝶若恋花 司音缈缈处 云中有来客 。 煮酒弹剑 与卿江湖远 逍遥忘尘间。 by fz-photography ” This place is Erhai Lake/洱海 in Dali, Yunnan province. It’s a popular spot for photography, due to its picturesque trees that seem to float on...

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Photographer - Yin Chao  /  Styling - Coke Ho  /  Make Up - Daniel Zheng  /  Hair - Chen Tao  /  Models - Liu LiJie and  Xue Dong Gi  via Schön!

~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ Photographer - Yin Chao / Styling - Coke Ho / Make Up - Daniel Zheng / Hair - Chen Tao / Models - Liu LiJie and Xue Dong Gi via Schön!

If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the_美美 - 美丽鸟