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Percy and Nico. I love how this is related to the old Greek myth of soul mates. When you are born, it is said that you and your soul mate have a red thread tied around both our your pinkies. The string attaches and confines the destiny between you two.


windycarnage: “ i really want percy and nico to be friends after hoo and be cool with each other. I NEED to know how they interact,,, Anyway, percy doesnt play fair in the splash game ”

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“you really do drool in your sleep.”because nothing beats waking up next to bae. here is an important and necessary post for the p.

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Percabeth is my otp, don't get me wrong, but I like percico a bit as well. It's complicated. <<<< I ship both too. I think for Percico it's the two hot guys thing but for Percabeth it's the i-wish-I-was-her thing ;

Pt. 1. I know I already pinned this but I didn't know about the sequels!

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