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Kaneki and Touka

augichii: ““Touka…” Fun Fact: so, I was actually drawing Qi Fang, but then suddenly I came across neimana and paakaa ‘s wonderful touken art ( /^ //q// ^// ) nosebleeds a little, after which i was.

Anime Kawaii neko

animal ears animal hood bell black legwear blue eyes blush bottomless cat day cat ears cat hood cat tail closed mouth cowboy shot fake animal ears haegiwa hair between eyes hair ornament hairclip holding own tail hood hoodie long sleeves looking at v

Almost reminds me of Kyouya Otori from Ouran High School Host Club

luxartisan: “ artist: duitang Reposting by request. THIS is how I imagine Kyoya Ootori when I write him. How another artist in another medium created him exactly as I see him in my mind’s eye is scary and fantastic. What’s even more tantalizing is.