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inside of Beylerbeyi Palace, Istanbul!

I Dream Of Turkey ! [2]

Promotional Films of Turkey Courtesy: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism. *[For] ISTANBUL INTERNATIONAL BALLOON FESTIVAL http://www.IIBFESTIVAL.Org

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Agency: Startabas Creative Director: Emirhan Savaş Account Executive: Özkan Sarıoğlu Production Company: Startabas Director: Emirhan Savaş Directors of Photography: Murat Karabina, Mert Erçin Visual Effects Company: 8mm Flame Artists:Emre Samioğlu Color: 8mm Music Supervision: Recep Gül Singer: Ezgi Arslan Sound Designer: Recep Gül Mixers: Recep Gül

The 50 Most Beautiful Cities in the World - Photos

A historic crossroads of culture and design, Istanbul's landscape provides a prominent display of its two conquering empires. Travelers needn't look farther than the Blue Mosque or Hagia Sophia for the aesthetics central to both: the Byzantine dome and colored mosaics, and the Ottoman minarets and Islamic calligraphy. —Benita Hussain

Galata Tower ,Istanbul by Mehmet Emre on 500px

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey ~ Photo by Ruzgar Photography on 500px. Astrogeographic position: both coordinates are located in the air sign Libra the sign of the angels, of beauty, harmony, decoration and ornamentation. Valid for field level 4.

Gladiator Fights Revealed in Ancient Graffiti

Graffiti discovered in the ancient city of Aphrodisias shows gladiator fights between a retiarius (a gladiator armed with a trident and net) and a secutor (gladiator equipped with a sword and shield).

48 hours in Istanbul, in 24 images