Hülya Altın Şişman

Hülya Altın Şişman

Hülya Altın Şişman
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Painted stone. Ready to ship. Little elf sprite of by sabiesabi

This is a beautiful stone polished by the Mediterranean sea, I have found it on the beach of Marina di Carrara,Italy. Carrara is a city of white

crayon canvas

Melted crayon Art "rain and umbrella" I really like the way they incorporated their drawing with the melted crayon. I wouldnt have thought of this but now that i've seen it.its giving me all sorts of possibilities. so thanks for the inspiration!

Finding love in this soft colour scheme "The Artist's Wife" by Egon Schiele. :art.com

off Hand made oil painting reproduction of Seated Woman With Bent Knee, one of the most famous paintings by Egon Schiele. Egon Schiele’s 1917 canvas Seated Woman With Bent Knee is an intense early Expressionist painting completed just a year befo.