Embroidery, simple use of colour

Even if you prefer to sew by machine, there will come times when hand stitching is your best option. Hand stitching is usually preferred for finishing waistbands, linings, and hems, when you want to achieve a flawless finish.

【展示品】幸せ広がるお花畑 刺繍ヘアゴム・ブローチピン

Embroidery Stitches, Brooches, Branches, Embroidery, Embroidery, Bijou

Lovely spring - handmade green felt earrings with green glass beads

Green Felt Earrings with Beading, great idea, could bead anything onto a piece of circle felt (heart, peace sign, etc.) then sew on the circle felt backing!

Orchid Spray WhiteHand Towel - White Cotton – Henry Handwork

Orchid Spray WhiteHand Towel - White Cotton