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Many new beekeepers learn things the hard way. Here are common slip-ups and how to avoid them.

Many new beekeepers learn things the hard way. As a beekeeping instructor, it’s my job to keep my students from meeting this all too common fate!

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Coming in for a landing….Bees are a symbol of fertility as they spread their joy between flowers so that we can continue to appreciate all that we take soo much for granted. Please plant flowers to encourage, birds, bees and butterflies.

Did you know that bees have a tongue? The tongue of the bee is called the proboscis.

The tongue of the bee is called proboscis and unfolds like a blow horn toy. It is soft and splays at the end, allowing the bee to suck-up any nectar or water.

This photo is by Robert Steven. It was taken at the recent BCI Convention in China appears in Bark post from a couple months ago. There’s a photo of this tree with leaves in Zhou’s Penjing, The Chinese Art of Bonsai