COLOR GREEN: Leaves of a tree are bright green. -leading lines(the branches) -good perspective(worms eye-view)

This is absolutely beautiful.... !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bu yollar benim

There's A Little Known Unique Garden In Portland... And It's Truly Magical

Perfect Fall Tree

Kansas Maple This is like the tree in our front yard on Meadowwood! Just beautiful~


God, I love a good angle. Anyone can take a picture. I feel like this is the only thing left separates photography as an art.

Foto animada

Foto animada

This is soo beautiful words cant even describe

“We could lie like this for centuries, watch cities rise and empires fall, watch stars die and gods grow weary, until we are the only ones left.

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada Source The Hermitage Bridge near Dunkeld Scotland Source Forme. v t1.0-9 15095542_10211240757161568_8728430021218231493_n.jpg?oh=849a0fe15920807ca54d055a0bb3a90d&oe=59335155

I simply cannot see what’s up ahead. I know that the path is a winding one. I know that the path is strewn with rocks and a few obstacles along the way. I know that the trees provide shade on…


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