dreamcatcher tattoo - love the beads, not so much the mini dreamcatchers or flowers

I love, love, LOVE dream catchers. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a tattoo of one. This is by far my favorite dream catcher tattoo ever.

magic dreamcatchers by Optimystic Arts, via Flickr

magic dreamcatchers made with record keeper quartz, deer hide, lady amhurst feathers, turkey feathers, goose feathers and antique brass details > all charged with Reiki healing energy photo by Vadim Elkind


This beautiful Southwest dreamcatcher has brown leather wrapped around a 5 inch hoop. The webbing is decorated with the complimenting colors of several turquoise stones.

I would.

I'd nail a dreamcatcher over my bed, if I thought i would keep you out of my head. Not big on the quote but I love the dream catcher