Arabic : )...

Arabic Calligraphy, text of Mahmoud Darwish’s poem Take My Horse and Slaughter It. The poem is written exactly once, beginning in the head of the horse and finishing in the tail in the Arabic Calligraphy Diwani Jali.

Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy- Giraffe of Damascus - In this piece, the image of a Giraffe is created using only the text and vowels from the quote "Syria needs economic sanctions like a giraffe needs Pharyngitis"

Original Arabic Calligraphy Print Palestine by EveritteBarbee

Rocks for Palestine poem creatively drawn out in Arabic calligraphy by Everitte Barbee.

Arabic Calligraphy Print The Merciful Surah 55 by EveritteBarbee

This image of a tree prostrating before God was inspired by The sun and the moon [move] by precise calculation, and the stars and trees prostrate.