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“Both light and shadow are the dance of Love. it is the astrolabe of God’s secrets. Lover and Loving are inseparable and timeless.

Vav dervis sufi

Şems-Tebrizi-kalenderi At the beginning of the Sema, by holding his arms crosswise, the semazen appears to represent the number one, thus testifying to God's unity.

Muslim Sufi Whirling Dervishes

"We can't find the truth listening to our own voice's echo. We can find ourselves only in someone's mirror" - Rumi

Sufi Dance

See the World Through Pattern and Colour, islamic-cultures: basanteta: Sufism Chill.

Sufi Dance

Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving, & be silent.

Sufi Whirling Dervish

My heart has eyes that see only foryou, and it is completely in your hands. Al Hallaj. Mansur al Hallaj was a Persian mystic, revolutionary writer and teacher of Sufism,

Whirling Dervish

A Beautiful Painting Of A Whirling Photograph - A Beautiful Painting Of A Whirling Fine Art Print

sufi music

An Islamic religious practice by disciples of Rumi, who are known as whirling dervishes.