Flower Series - Elephant (SKETCH) by ~Simonbagel on deviantART.would probably change a few things but LOVE this concept!

3D type by Tolga Girgin... - a grouped images picture

BY HAND / FORM / type by Tolga --- Howwwwww? I wish I'd known how to do this while u was in graphic arts class

Arabic Calligraphy

A verse from the poem Son” by Syrian poet Golan Haji is written in calligraphy

"Peace" Artwork by artist Khalid Shahin

This is an example of how well-paired antique and contemporary pieces play off each other. In this case the mottled wall pulls the contrasting subjects together nicely, xo Elle @ LeauArc

Palestine 1948 - Arabic Calligraphy Print

The map of Palestine is depicted using the names of the cities and villages that existed before The names are written in a derivative of the Diwani Jali Islamic calligraphy script Villages an…

Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy- Giraffe of Damascus - In this piece, the image of a Giraffe is created using only the text and vowels from the quote "Syria needs economic sanctions like a giraffe needs Pharyngitis"