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İbrahim Safi
Father's Day I love you Dad Matchbox/ Card / Gift box / by shop3xu
6a0105349d6b3d970c01a73df37c3e970d-pi (1807×2125)
DIY Valentine's Day card. Fill it with their favourite tea!
Rock And Pebble Art To Make Your Living Space Come Alive - Bored Art
matchbox--Instant Comfort Pocket Box. I wonder if we could do a similar project with favorite quotes and art or magazine photos, etc.
Cute "I miss you" Card Matchbox/ Gift box / Message box "Maybe surrounded by a million people"
Pacman Anniversary Love Card Matchbox "I found you" / Card / Gift box / Message box
Notfallschneeflocken u weitere kl Geschenk/Verpackungsideen
Inspired by the elements of greeting cards, gift boxes, and miniatures, these tiny cards are hand-crafted from real matchboxes and hand colored individually to give each of them that very personalized feel. But the best part has to do with the connection between the cover and the hidden message inside each box, which creates a sweet little surprise for the person who opens them.