Turkish Islamic calligraphy art. Arabic calligraphy art ottoman style

The wall is a curated gallery of Arabic calligraphy from various artists in different styles, including traditional, modern and abstract pieces.

الخط العربي arabic calligraphy

He said: ‘No! But your souls have tempted you to do something evil! But a beautiful patience [should be my course]; and Allah is the Refuge from the things you say.

© Nuria Garcia Masip - Levha - Ayet-i Kerîme “Nûn, ve’l-kalemi ve mâ yesturûn” Nûn. And olsun kaleme ve satır satır yazdıklarına ki… (Kalem Sûresi 1-2.ayetler)

'Nun, By the Pen and by that which (men) write.' - Surah Al-Qalam, Quran Calligraphy by Nuria Garcia Masip, Jeli Thuluth script. Black soot ink and gold on paper.

Nizam Al-Nuqat: traditional Arabic calligraphy

Arabic Glyphs Proportions and Guidlines