Шкатулка в форме сердца из бобин от скотча | Самоделкино


Recycled Tape Roll Made Into A Hesrt Shaped Box For Valentine's Day vashesamodelkino.

DIY Cute Cardboard Gift Box

DIY Cute Cardboard Gift Box - craft // would be so easy to decorate this after making it and they would be so cute and easy to do!

Marco para fotos con cascaras de huevo pintadas.

DIY: Eggshell Mosaic Picture Frame So maybe you finally came up with a few recipes to use all those colored eggs from Easter, but why waste the pretty pastel eggshells?

DIY Tape Reel Picture Frame

DIY Tape Reel Picture Frame - could also do this with mason jar lid rings for a smaller frame

Tape center roll made into a covered container.

DIY Round Jewelry Box DIY - a great idea for a small wedding. Make your own favor boxes and fill them with whatever you like.