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Kathmandu, Nepal - oh the fabrics. stunning. Boho, Bollywood, International Style, Incredible India, India, Indiana, Boho Chic, Indian
Parsley, Page, Rosemary & Thyme
Kathmandu, Nepal - oh the fabrics. stunning.
an ornate gold door on the side of a building
Sehenswürdigkeiten in Kathmandu - Eindrücke aus der Hauptstadt von Nepal
Nepal - Reisen - Reisetipps - Goldene Tür in Patan
two women are standing in front of an old building with open doors and holding umbrellas
Umbrella by Layla Perchal Neal / 500px
All in Pink, Kathmandu, Nepal
people are standing next to statues on the side of a building
Kathmandu, Nepal
many people are walking around in front of some buildings
kathmandu market
kathmandu market,Nepal
the face of a large statue with eyes painted on it
Kathmandu and environs, 252,
an old bell in the middle of a building
touch the earth
wonderful Nepal http://www.travelandtransitions.com/destinations/destination-advice/asia/
a young child dressed in red and gold with an elaborate headdress on her head
Nepal - Living Goddess. Kumari. Living Goddess, incredible, i wonder what she has to do??
an elephant statue sitting on top of a metal stand
a statue of a monkey holding a ball in his hand and bells hanging from the ceiling
Nepal: Things to do in Kathmandu
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an old building with many spires on top
Kathmandu, Nepal
a person walking down an alley way carrying a basket
Katmandu, Nepal, via Serafini Amelia