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there are three numbered signs on the street in the dark, one is white and the other is black
two papers sitting on top of each other next to a wine glass and some glasses
Go Inside The BAU Offices Of 'Criminal Minds'
Go Inside The BAU Offices Of 'Criminal Minds' - Criminal Minds Photos
a bunch of pictures and papers are on the wall with lines going through them,
ᴇʟɪᴢᴀʙᴇᴛʜ (ʟɪᴢ) ᴡᴇʙʙᴇʀ
a bunch of papers that are on top of each other with red string attached to them
a person reaching for pictures on a table with other people's hands around them
two people wearing black jackets with the letters fbfi on them are walking away from each other
a person wearing black gloves and holding a pair of scissors in front of a door handle
the back of a man's chest with brown spots on it